3 October 2019

Moldovan fruits presented for the first time at the Fruit Attraction fair in Spain

This year, for the first time Moldovan tasty apples, table grapes and plums will be presented at Fruit Attraction exhibition, which will take place in Madrid, Spain during October 22-24 period.

The Fruit Producers and Exporters Association Moldova Fruct, the largest association dedicated to advancing the horticultural sector in the Republic of Moldova, will represent the horticultural sector of the country. Today, Moldova Fruct accounts over 170 of the largest and the most advanced agribusinesses operating in Moldova, besides fruit growers including processors, exporters and service providers.

„Our participation to Fruit Attraction is part of our middle term goal that we call „putting Moldova on the global map as a reliable supplier of safe and very tasty fruits”. We already have success in exporting our fruits to the region, and we see this event as a good platform to meet and to promote our offer to new fruit traders, especially from Western Europe and, why not, North Africa”, says Adrian Cojocaru, the Head of Marketing Department at Moldova Fruct.

Annually Moldova harvest more than 500.000 tons of apples, 90.000 tons of plums, 130.000 tons of table grapes. In addition, Moldovan producers can deliver aromatic apricots, firm and tasty cherries and dried fruits.

To follow the trends and to meet the market demand, Moldovan growers, processors, exporters, and governmental agencies work together to ensure the quality and freshness of the products from the farm to the family table.

Moldova prides itself in having an unique geographical position between the Carpathian  mountains and the Black Sea, providing a rich soil and combined with the abundance sun hours it gives the products a superior taste. Therefore the slogan of Moldova Fruct is: “Taste makes the difference”.

The Moldova Fruct stand can be found in Hall 10 - 10H01D. You can get a free pass to the exhibition on the organisers’ web page using the following promo code: FA190001621RK.