Moldova Fruct

Moldova Fruct

Fruit Producers and Exporters Association Moldova Fruct

With more than 180 members, the Fruit Producers and Exporters Association Moldova Fruct is the largest association dedicated to advancing the horticultural sector in the Republic of Moldova and to promoting the interests of it members.

Members of Moldova Fruct are some of the largest, most sophisticated agrobusinesses operating in Moldova today, including processors, growers, exporters, and service providers. The association reprsents the apple, apricot, cherry, peach, pear, plum, and table grape sectors, as well as food processors.

Moldova Fruct provides a range of services to its members, including advocacy, training and technical assistance, and export promotion.

For international buyers, the association serves as a conduit to Moldovan growers and exporters, organizes inward buyer missions, and stands at the ready to provide any other assistance requested to support the development of fruitful business relationships.