3 octombrie 2019

Moldovan fruits presented for the first time at the Fruit Attraction fair in Spain

Located between Ukraine and Romania with a population of 3 million people, the Republic of Moldova may be unheard of for many consumers, but the country has a historical reputation in the region as “the garden of Eastern Europe,” that supplies unparalleled tasting fruits and vegetables.

This reputation for excellence is not only a legacy, and with continual investment, the Moldovan fruit sector is booming. Super-intensive orchards are becoming predominant around the country, reaching a production of 600,000 tons of fruits. Moldovan business owners are committed to quality using modern technologies, and have made major investments in modern cold storage facilities with CA/ULO technology, grading lines, and packinghouses, allowing Moldova to offer in-demand varieties of the best quality fruits to global consumers.

This year it will be the first time that the country participates at Fruit Attraction. It is represented by Moldova Fruct, Association, which is recognized as one of the most important actors in fruit production and export in the Republic of Moldova. More than 170 member companies offer a wide range of products distinguished by special taste and high quality: apples, plums, table grapes, peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, quinces and other fruits.

Should you be interested in a preview of the fruits produced in Moldova, please do not hesitate to visit our booth nr. 10H01D located in Hall 10 at Fruit Attraction 2019. After visiting our booth, you will definitively agree: in case of the fruits from Moldova - taste makes the difference.

*You can get a free pass to the exhibition on the organisers’ web page using the following promo code: FA190001621RK