About Moldova

Nestled between the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea, Moldova is a small country with a storybook landscape. Agriculture is deeply rooted in Moldovan life and celebrated throughout its cultural traditions. Today, Moldova’s horticulture sector integrates the latest technologies in cultivation, harvest and post-harvest handling, packaging, and logistics. Moldovan businesses have made significant investments to advance the sector and adopt international standards from planting to delivery. Production has been growing steadily, as has the number of agribusinesses with GLOBALG.A.P. and other quality certifications. As a result, more consumers in more countries have the opportunity to taste the best of what Moldova has to offer.

Moldova occupies a strategic location between East and West and offers competitive products for competitive prices. Despite its small size, Moldova ranks among the top 10 exporting countries in apples and plums, and among the top 20 exporters of table grapes, apricots, sweet cherries, and sour cherries. Its major markets include Russia and the CIS countries, European Union states ranging from Romania to France, and, increasingly, Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

In addition to fresh produce, Moldova’s horticultural bounty is captured in processed products including juices, jams, and dried fruits. Plums, apples, and sweet cherries dominate Moldova’s dried fruit offerings, while a variety of fruit and vegetable products are sold both as semi-finished products, such as concentrates or purees, or as finished products, such as juices and baby food.

Moldova’s farmers, processors, and exporters invite you to sample our products. We are sure you will agree that when it comes to Moldova, taste makes the difference.