Members Benefits

Members benefits

Membership in the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters of the Republic of Moldova (“Moldova Fruct”) offers numerous advantages to producers, service providers, and other businesses working in the horticulture sector in Moldova.


Moldova Fruct helps its members safeguard and expand their businesses by keeping them informed on relevant legislative or regulatory changes affecting their businesses, modern production technologies, and market trends through its monthly newsletter, “Jurnalul Moldova Fruct”; its website; and social media networks.

Lobbying and representation

The Association represent members’ interests through participation in several public-private forums, including the Economic Council to the Prime Minister, commissions that work alongside ministries, and the Council on the product chain. Moldova Fruct also works on issue-specific lobbying efforts, such as promoting member proposals on the Subsidy Regulation. At the international level, Moldova Fruct represents its members within the World Association of Apple and Pear Producers.

Marketing and promotion

The association facilitates relationships between members and international and national buyers in numerous ways. Members’ products are promoted under the “Taste Makes the Difference” brand both through local fairs and festivals as through buyer and seller missions and trade fairs such as Fruit Logistica (Germany), WorldFood Moscow (Russia), Fruit Attraction (Spain), and World of Perishables (United Arab Emirates).

Training and consultancy

The training program for Moldova Fruct members is elaborated annually in accordance with members’ needs and includes seminars, roundtables, workshops, and domestic and international study visits, demonstration farms, and field day. In addition, the association also organizes group and individual consultancies and the annual Fruit Day exhibition and the national “Fruit Business” conference.